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Learn How To Sell On Google

Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

By Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

  • 10 Min Read
  • 3rd January, 2023
Learn How To Sell On Google

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is an e-commerce platform that gives online merchants a level playing field by reaching shoppers and controlling their target audience. This Merchant Center enables retailers to create shopping ads, drive traffic from various e-commerce websites, and deepen customer-merchant relationships.

Online shopping is in high demand as the COVID-19 pandemic depletes the retail sector. Shoppers also tend to buy groceries online. This surge in demand has prompted retailers to move to online platforms to increase sales and reconnect with customers.

Now that you know the term "Google Shopping", the natural question that comes to mind is: How can I sell my products on the Google Shopping Merchant Center? To help you answer, we've curated this article to help you find answers to all your questions. Read more below.

How Can You Sell Your Products on Google Shopping?

In order to sell a product, the retailer would at first need to create and activate a merchant center account on two platforms; Google Merchant Center and Google Ads.

Here's how:

1) Sign Up Into A Google Merchant Center

To begin, you'll need to set up a merchant account through the Google merchant center in order to start your campaign. Here, you'd need:

  • Enter the basic information like; contact information, location, etc
  • You can also upload the information of the product that you wish to sell in Google shopping to promote your brand and store
  • Lastly, agree with Google's terms of service and verify/claim the website URL

2) Displaying The Product Pictures

As Google shopping pulls the product picture from your online store, it is essential to have the product images ready for display.

Just like the other eCommerce stores, Google Shopping emphasizes more on visuals as it is the first thing that catches the buyer's attention in an online platform.

  • Try and utilize peachy images. It leaves a good impression on the viewer and contributes to a comfortable shopping experience.
  • Make sure you only use high-quality images, as only glanceable images have an impact on buyers.
  • Shoppers may even cancel their Google Shopping campaigns if product images are too poor

3) Make sure you have linked your Google Merchant account to Google Ads

After you've uploaded your product images, you'll need to link the Google Shopping Merchant Center to your Google Ads.

If you want to power your online store, there's no better way than with Google Ads linked to your merchant account. This will increase the size of your product listings and improve your Google rank on search results pages.

4) Google Shopping Campaigns

Selling on Google Shopping is not everyone's cup of tea because it calls for large paintings and time. After you've got connected your Merchant Center Account to Google Ads, the subsequent aspect is to create a Google Shopping marketing campaign to similarly sell the goods.

Simply comply with these steps:

  • Visit Google Merchant Center account
  • Click on “Create Shopping Campaign” and input the call of the marketing campaign, geographical locations, and your finances
  • Once done, the Shopping marketing campaign call will act as a service provider identifier and now you'll be capable of manipulating the marketing campaign via Google AdWords

5) Place Your Bids On The Shopping Campaign

Once you've got created a Google buying marketing campaign, you'll want to vicinity bids at the Campaign. Here, as soon as you've got finished the manner as noted in step 4:

  • The subsequent display screen that shows the marketing campaign settings
  • To input the marketing campaign call here, you'll want to select your bidding method and additionally set the finances for the marketing campaign
  • When you enter it, you'll be notified via way of means of Google considering, how plenty you're inclined to pay for the fee according to the motion
  • The different aspect is to pick out the marketing campaign finances, this is the quantity you may pump according to the day.

6) Sell On Google Shopping Via An Ad Campaign!

As you entire the above-noted steps, the subsequent aspect is to begin promoting your merchandise via way of means of developing an advert marketing campaign. Simply:

  • Create an advert organization
  • Put withinside the name
  • Incorporate the goods

Additionally, you may create a product feed with the usage of distinct identifiers, which include the brand, price, product image, availability, and outline of your product.

What are the best practices to follow when using Google Shopping?

1) Keep your product data clear

Product data contains a lot of information, so it's important to be clear. B. Product images, prices, marketing text, etc. For this reason, it is important to keep the data clear to the buyer. If not, you'll need to set and display the price for each product. Otherwise, buyers may get confused.

2) Segmentation

This is important if you sell a large number of items. Because you are likely to lose a large portion of your daily budget on popular search terms. Therefore, having all your products in your Google Shopping feed can help lower your conversion rate.

Perhaps you could also pick a niche product and sort products into different categories based on price and seasonality, as they are likely to have higher conversion rates.

3) User experience is key

A user-friendly environment is very important for an online store. Because the landing page takes shoppers to her website within seconds. So, make sure you design your landing page in such a way that it attracts buyers and helps them navigate your product smoothly and easily.

4) Leverage retargeting campaigns

Campaign retargeting is not a bad choice. We also encourage you to create display ads that feature the products your website visitors have viewed. It also reminds shoppers about various search advertising features and helps increase conversions and sales.

5) Don't hesitate if you want to improve the product description.

After price and availability, the next thing buyers might read is the product description. To that end, it's important to clearly highlight your product in your explainer session.

Remember to use popular keywords for your products to help shoppers find them. Design your description in a unique and impressive way that will stand out from the competition.


Given the scenario at hand, it's important that retailers have options available to see their competitors. Therefore, with the expansion of e-commerce stores, Google Shopping has additional sales channels, increasing sales and diversifying sales strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is selling on Google free?

You can sell your products directly on Google without Google's fees. Customers can purchase directly from Google through Google's onsite "Buy on Google" experience.

You pay only when the item sells. Google Shopping Actions commission rates range from 5% to 15%, with an average of 12%.

Follow the guidelines for listing your products for free on Google and our guidelines for local product listings. Submit your product feed and local product inventory feed from Google Merchant Center. learn more. Register your local products with Google for free by selecting the appropriate feature in Merchant Center.

1. Enter the address in the search bar. From your company profile on the left, click Add company. 2. Right-click anywhere on the map. Then click Add Business. 3. Click Menu on the top left. Add your company

There are 40,000 searches on Google every second, and each one is associated with someone who may be searching for the exact same product or service you're selling.

Google Ads is beneficial for small businesses. Advertising on Google offers many benefits, including the ability to reach highly targeted and engaged users, a performance-based pricing model, and an easy-to-track ROI.


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