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Learn How To Sell On Pinterest


By Divijaa

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  • 3rd January, 2023
Learn How To Sell On Pinterest

What began as a portal for discovering new recipes and DIY projects has evolved into a significant retail web page.

Also with 320 million active users per month on Pinterest, that'd be a number of individuals who come to this one site solely to shop.

Which is all the more motivation for you to leverage Pinterest and, most notably, understand how to sell on Pinterest.

Sell ​​on Pinterest: step by step

  • Identify Your Target Audience
  • Set Up A Business Account
  • Make your Account Stand Out
  • Link Your Online Store to Pinterest
  • Create and Organize Stunning Pinterest Visuals.
  • Make Use Of Rich Pins.
  • Make Use of Promoted Pins.
  • Sort Pins Into Catalogs
  • Employ Content Marketing
  1. Identify Your Target Audience.

Before launching a brand-new initiative, it's usually a good idea to examine the target audience of a social network.

Creating a client persona will assist you in determining who you should be targeting on the platform.

2. Set Up a Business Account

A business account on Pinterest is not the same as a personal one. Here, you will have access to additional services such as metrics, adverts, and other components required for selling on Pinterest.

You may easily switch from your personal profile (if you have one) to a business profile or simply create a new one!

3. Make Your Account Stand Out.
It is critical to correctly brand your Pinterest account.

Check that your profile picture is a high-resolution image or photograph of yourself (if you are the face of the brand) and that it reflects your other accounts, make sure your bio is optimised, that your cover boards fit your business, and that your contact details is up to date. 

4. Link Your Online Store To Pinterest.

Now all you have to do is connect your online store to your Pinterest business account. Once done, you will have the product information you need to start marking pins.

Shopify's Pinterest integration works particularly smoothly. Shopify and Pinterest deepened their integration in early 2020, with the former launching a dedicated app to streamline the connection between the two. It's free to use and requires no programming knowledge.

After installing the app, simply follow the signup prompts. As usual, there is a validation period, after which Pinterest is added to your Shopify dashboard, giving you direct access to analytics, advertising options, and inventory details.

5. Create and Organize Stunning Pinterest Visuals.

Pinterest is a visual social media network. You must ensure that your Pins are aesthetically pleasing and entice people to click on them.

Elevated photographs, professionally created designs, smartly scaled visuals, vibrant colours and fonts, and graphics that complement your logo are all required.

6. Make Use Of Rich Pins.
Rich Pins pull additional data and details from your website to present with the standard pin details (like photo, title, description, etc.).

It brings in the pricing and product details so that customers may view them directly on Pinterest. On phone, consumers will be able to navigate directly to your item and check out by clicking a blue Shop button.

If the business provides this information, the Pins will even tell you whether or not the product is in stock.

7. Make Use of Promoted Pins.

Instead of depending exclusively on your Pinterest SEO, you could choose to boost your Pins to the front. Spend money on promoted Pins!

Sponsored product Pins can enable you in generating more purchases by taking the customer straight to your website.

You will be able to filter by interests, gender, and age when building promoted Pins. You may build full campaigns or just a few advertisements for a one-time offer.

8. Sort Pins Into Catalogs

Catalogues are a fantastic Pinterest business account tool to employ if you have things to advertise — which you most likely have if you're a company or brand!

One thing to keep in mind: if you don't have the necessary raw data to generate Catalogs, you'll have to settle for Rich Pins.

9. Employ Content Marketing

Blog entries oriented toward sales are ideal for sharing on Pinterest. Consider gift suggestions, product roundups, and instructions.

These are excellent bits of material to retain and advertise on your website since they will drive visitors and, if correctly assembled, sales.


Selling on Pinterest requires a unique blend of organisation and aesthetic flare. It's an opportunity to showcase your label's most brilliant aesthetic attributes, in order for that to transfer into long-term profitability and promotions, you'll need a solid e-commerce base.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to sell on Pinterest?

Selling on Pinterest is free and easy. Especially if you have an online store with a partner platform like Shopify. Setting up a shop tab on Pinterest is easy, but creating beautiful Pins to promote your shop is another story.

This process takes very little time and does not require any special skills. All boards and pins are stored in your business account and are completely free. Business accounts offer additional Pinterest marketing features compared to personal accounts.

If you are a member of the Creator Rewards programme and your content matches the goal requirements and eligibility criteria, Pinterest will pay you directly. Pinterest does not accept money for other forms of monetization such as product tagging, affiliate links, or commercial collaborations.

To do affiliate marketing on Pinterest, you need to: Find affiliate programs and networks that have products you want to promote. Create a Pin and add your affiliate link. Add an appropriate disclosure and publish your Pin.

Pinterest offers a unique way for businesses of all sizes to market themselves. As a visual search engine, Pinterest is a great way to introduce your brand to new potential customers. That's because users are looking to the platform for inspiration.


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