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List Your Business On Justdial: Grow Your Business


By Divijaa

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  • 3rd January, 2023
List Your Business On Justdial: Grow Your Business

Just dial is India's number one local search engine, a large database, and a search engine firm that specializes in offering local B2C solutions to Indian clients. Products can be ordered over the phone or digitally.

Justdial has a strong internet presence, both through its web page and the Justdial mobile App.

It has over 25.7 million listings in its database and 500,838 active sponsored campaigns.

How to list your business in justdial?

You may either list or add a company for free on Justdial or pay for a premium listing.

Simply go to and fill out the form with all of your company's information.
For a paid listing, go to and fill out the form, then pick from the several plans they offer.

How to grow your business online through Justdial

1. Justdial Search Plus

Search Plus is a transaction service. The platform will ease the shopping of numerous branded items like smartphones, laptops, and so on from partnering neighbourhood retailers. Customers will also be able to utilize this innovative portal to compare prices for related products.

In terms of services, the business will now have a commercial tab for all segments. So, if a customer looks for a restaurant ad, they will now have the choice to reserve a table or order food from the same listing.  The offerings include purchasing bouquets, planning a wedding, scheduling cabs and restaurants, and so forth.

2. Justdial Omni

Justdial Omni is a premier business outsourcing solution provided by the Just Dial organization. Justdial Omni established this online guide suite of services in 2016 to assist small businesses in managing their online and offline operations. It allows you to outsource many tasks to JD while focussing on what is truly important for the smooth operation of your organization.

Services offered by JD Omni: Website building, Personalised App, In-store Billing, Collaborations with other marketplaces and many more.

3. Justdial Cash

Justdial Cash is a payments tool that combines with the company's Search Plus range of services.

Justdial Cash requires a wallet to function since it is a marketplace rather than an eCommerce operator that controls the merchandise or products that users purchase on its website. It is basically running a closed wallet that does not require a permit. Consumers and small local companies benefit from this because when they buy from retailers and service providers via Justdial, they require a semi-closed prepaid payment device or a semi-closed wallet.

. . .

Just dial offers a system for storing data from B2B and B2C sectors of all types of businesses, services, and professions.

Justdial gives data in two aspects: end-user data to premium customers and industry data to users based on their algorithm.

You may always start your free listing on Justdial since a business should be widely approachable in order to attract all sorts of prospective customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the Justdial firm do?

Just Dial Limited is India's No. 1 Local Search engine, offering local search-related services to consumers across the country via a variety of platforms including websites, mobile websites, Apps (Android, iOS), over the phone, and SMS.

Creating a free listing on Justdial for your company takes only a few minutes. All you have to do is go to the Justdial home page and click on the 'Free Listing' option. When you click it, you will be prompted to fill out a form with information such as your name, company name, location, phone number, cell number, and so on.

A buyer can obtain the supplier's contact information by selecting "Manage Requirements."

1. Company Name* 2. Area. 3. Contact Details * 4. Primary Business Category* 5. Landline Number. 6. GST Number(Optional)

Free listings and sponsored listings are the two sorts of listings. Just Dial allows any company to list themselves for free.


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