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How to Sell On Swiggy Minis


By Divijaa

  • 5 Min Read
  • 28th April, 2023
How to Sell On Swiggy Minis

Attention all foodies and business owners!

Swiggy Minis has officially launched and it's time to get excited! This new selling platform, operated by the renowned online meal delivery service Swiggy, allows businesses to sell their delectable treats across India without any pesky fees.

That's right, you heard it here first - no fees! But, of course, payment gateways, shipping costs (if applicable), and a one-time registration fee still apply. So if you're looking to share your delicious creations with the masses, Swiggy Minis is the perfect platform to get started.

This brand new selling platform, operated by the renowned online meal delivery service Swiggy, allows you to sell your products across India without having to worry about any selling fees.

By registering with Swiggy Minis, you can showcase your delectable treats to a whole new market, all while enjoying a seamless UI/UX that's identical to the Swiggy app. With the option to engage with potential buyers and the ability to build brand recognition through likes, the opportunities are endless.

And the best part? Swiggy Minis has already welcomed popular brands like Sleepy Owl Coffee, SkinQ, and Kapiva, who have successfully sold their products through the platform. So, why wait? Register with Swiggy Minis today and start expanding your business like never before!

Step 1. Download the Swiggy Minis App and Register using your mobile number

Step 2. Enter your store name

Step 3. Your Swiggy Minis business URL (for example, will be created. This link is shareable, so do forward it to your clients, friends, and family.

Step 4. Choose your niche/category. There are many categories like personal care, pet care, jewellery, home and decor, and so many more available for you to choose from in order to target the correct demographic. You can also add your own category if needed.

Step 5. Choose delivery services inside the city, state, or India as a whole. You can select between Free Delivery, Free Delivery over a certain order value, a set delivery price, or a flexible delivery charge.

Step 6. Choose whether you would like to receive payments by UPI or bank transfer and enter the necessary information.

Step 7. After selecting your payment method, you will be directed to your dashboard where you will find an option to Add Product Images with the necessary details required.

And that's all that is needed!

This software empowers you to have full visibility and control over your company, sales, and users' data. If you feel that they are not meeting your needs, feel free to change them.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minis?

Swiggy is a self-service platform that allows companies to set up an online store and reach out to customers both locally and throughout India. Minis on Swiggy enables merchants to create their own storefronts, upload product catalogues, and attract existing and new consumers from numerous sources to one streamlined selling platform with smooth payment and logistical interfaces, all in minutes and with no technical knowledge necessary.

Minis on Swiggy will never charge you a sales commission. There is, nonetheless, a minor one-time onboarding cost, and you will be charged for payment gateway services. Other value-added services will be available at different prices.

We can assist you in developing an online-first profile with a smooth marketplace trip, regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which you specialize. It makes no difference where you are in your selling journey—as long as you desire to sell and thrive digitally, Minis on Swiggy is for you. 

Yes, you may deliver your stuff all throughout India! Minis on Swiggy are not restricted to a hyperlocal experience.

When you create your profile, you can choose to provide your bank account information or your UPI ID. Once you begin shipping orders, you will be paid within 48 hours of delivering the purchase to the consumer.


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