How To Sell On Instagram: An Ultimate Guide


By Divijaa

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  • 3rd January, 2023
How To Sell On Instagram: An Ultimate Guide

Instagram Shopping is increasingly growing as the favoured method for customers to not only discover more fresh companies and items on Instagram, but also to buy goods in a few simple clicks. Businesses must jump on aboard the Instagram selling bandwagon.

According to Instagram, 70% of consumers use the app to find new products.  That's tremendous sales potential.

How To Sell On Instagram

You can easily sell on Instagram without spending a dime in the process; just use effective social media strategies and you're set!

1. Use Instagram Reels to Increase Brand Awareness 


Feed postings use a different strategy than reels. Since timeliness isn't a big ranking criterion, you may publish a reel and it will get traction two weeks later.

This is a golden opportunity for a seller. More people are seeing your material than ever before, and this implies prospective consumers are more likely to locate your profile.

2. Up Your Hashtags Game to Increase Your Reach

Hashtags are nothing but keywords for your posts.

-The hashtags talk about what kind of post and business it is.
-The hashtag is being searched for by your ideal consumer.

How do you locate hashtags to use?

-Manually browse Instagram to see what your rivals are doing.
-To receive suggestions for your topic, use the Hashtag Expert app.
-Make use of a desktop program such as Hashtagify.

3. Create compelling captions with proper CTAs.

As a business, you should reconsider your captions to be very powerful. What does it mean:

Create a compelling hook: Instagram captions are cut down to 125 characters. Ensure what your viewers see entices them to click "see more."

Use CTAs for your marketing : An excellent Instagram caption conveys a message, addresses a problem, and provides a solution in the conclusion (your product or service).

4. Include a Profitable Link in the Bio CTA

Use the 'link in bio' to entice your visitors to get a free gift, register for a workshop, or explore your sales landing page.

Add a call to action (CTA) above the link to get people's interest, such as:
-Schedule a reading/consultation now!
-Shop from our shop!
-Get our free handbook!

Instagram provides the following options:
-Order food online. 
-Make a reservation now.
-Schedule an appointment. 

Because they eliminate an additional step for customers, these widgets may significantly increase your conversion rate.

5. Make Effective Use of Instagram Live

It's one of the app's quickest-growing services, with a 70% rise in profile visits and viewers. 

You may utilise the function to introduce an idea to your audience and then turn it into a sale for your newest program, product, or service.

Instagram Live has the potential to be more successful than a typical Instagram post. When you begin a live video, the app sends alerts to your followers to let them know you're broadcasting. It also gives a feeling of hurry and urgency because live videos vanish once you stop broadcasting. 

With Instagram's introduction of live shopping, it's now easier to generate sales while streaming.

6. Use the Story Feature

Nearly every day, over 500 million people access Instagram Stories, and companies account for more than one-third of the most watched stories.

Instagram Stories are important because they allow you to generate micro commercials about your brand. You can keep people from forgetting about you by giving them a look into your daily life.

This feature may be used in the following ways:
-Behind the scenes: Display to your audience what is going on in your company. Show how you pack your orders, how you take pictures of your products, and so forth.
-Value addition: Share practical advice that your viewers can use. If you're a mindset trainer, tell about how you overcame impostor syndrome, for example.
-In terms of sales: Add a company CTA. "I have opened my booking for guidebooks of this version. Swipe up to book yours. I only have 3 left!"

7. Switch to shopping through posts-feature. 

Setting up an Instagram store is one of the finest methods to generate money from Instagram as an e-commerce firm. 

You may label your merchandise in posts and stories, allowing users to buy with a single tap. You can also create a whole 'Highlight' of stories dedicated to shopping your products. 

Over 130 Million businesses use the shoppable posts tool. Employ this effective way of generating sales for your business too!

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Key Takeaways

-Demographically, millennials favour Instagram above other social media platforms, second to Facebook.

-53% of Gen Z buyers have made a mobile purchase in the past six months, while an additional 80% get suggestions for beauty from social media influencers.

-Use the appropriate hashtags. Choose hashtags that will assist customers in discovering your goods via search results, market segments, and moods.

-Organize promotions and freebies. By holding frequent giveaways and other promotions, you can reward your loyal followers, attract new ones, and perhaps build your email list.

-Display customer-generated content. You can foster a sense of community by reposting user-generated content.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does selling on Instagram cost?

It's completely free! Unless you want to run advertising, you don't need a budget to sell on Instagram.

It is, indeed. If you follow the advice above, you will be able to convert your followers into paying customers.

Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile. Tap Settings in the top right corner to reveal the menu. Choose Business, then click the Set Up Instagram Shopping button. Meta Business Manager may also be used to construct your shop.

You don't technically need a website to sell on Instagram. Through posts and stories, you may easily get followers and market your items. Having a website, on the other hand, is advantageous.

Overall, Instagram is a secure shopping platform. Users may finish their purchase with the vendor immediately through the Instagram app, thanks to the Checkout function. This implies that Instagram, rather than the particular merchant, obtains your payment information.


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