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How to Sell On Zomato: The Ultimate Guide


By Divijaa

  • 3 Min Read
  • 3rd January, 2023
How to Sell On Zomato: The Ultimate Guide

Zomato provides one of the most extensive and customer-friendly apps, allowing users to explore nearby eateries and dining options, buy meals online, and have them delivered right to their homes.

The Zomato registration procedure outlines the steps that restaurants may take to attract a larger demographic and create more business and money via online meal delivery services.

Zomato restaurant registration eligibility

To work with Zomato, a restaurant must meet the necessary requirements:

-A company in India that has a Private Limited Registration, a Partnership Registration, or an LLP Registration.
-An FSSAI Registration or Licence is granted depending on the criteria and circumstances of the firm, such as sales and scale.
-Enrollment for GST and a Shop Act Licence
-Copy of pan card and bank account information
-Restaurant menu with top five item meal pictures

Zomato registration requires the following documents

Zomato registration requires the following documents:
There are two methods for carrying out the procedure.

  1. Add the eatery to the Zomato restaurant listing.
  2. Claim your establishment to the current restaurant list.

To add: Go to the restaurant registration page and provide your information such as name, contact details, address, and so on.

After giving all the necessary details, tap on the Add restaurant option. Your restaurant then will be added to the listing.

A Zomato representative will contact to gather papers such as a PAN card, an Aadhar card, a copy of the FSSAI registration, and restaurant photos, menus, and other information. The eatery will be included in the Zomato system after completing verification.

To claim: Access the restaurant registration page and complete the procedures to see if your institution is already listed on Zomato by using the search button.
Once the establishment has been located in the search box, go ahead and claim the business.

Manage Your Business Through Zomato Business App

After you've authorised your restaurant, you can begin managing it from your phone using the Zomato Business app.

As a Zomato-certified partner, you have access to various services.

-Get real-time alerts and customer reviews.
-Respond to the criticism and comments
-Constantly maintain and update info
-Advertise your business by offering promotions to Zomato members.
-Share your menus
-Advertise restaurant activities and fiestas.

Perks Of Being a Zomato Restaurant Partner

Greater reach: Zomato provides a network for eateries to boost their awareness and presence in the largest possible target group. Through the service, consumers frequently find new venues and eating experiences.

Maximize ROI: Consumers frequently prefer ordering at home, and Zomato provides a seamless and rapid delivery service. Enrolling with Zomato may help eateries increase their sales and, as a result, their earnings.

Conserve time and money by having Zomato handle collecting the order and delivering the food on time. This allows the restaurant to concentrate only on quality and enhance the dining experience for its consumers.

. . .

Zomato is unquestionably a show-stopper for eateries of any size, region, or style. This delivery service has provided a reliable network for restaurants to reach more clients and increase their brand awareness.

Restaurants in the meal delivery sector are charged a fee by Zomato. The costs vary according to the type of restaurant (extremely popular, moderately popular, or new) and the number of orders received.

In addition to having a profile on Zomato, it is a great idea to use other channels, such as social media, to actively contact your clients for online orders.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a cut does Zomato get?

Zomato charges the specific eatery a 20-25% fee on each order placed. The commission fee might vary from 5-7% depending on where you are located. 

Zomato does not allow partner restaurants to list on their application unless they have an FSSAI license. The food safety standard authority of India (FSSAI) has made it obligatory for all Zomato businesses to get an FSSAI Food safety License Registration before they can begin operations.

For each delivery, the Zomato delivery boy receives at least ₹ 40. If the distance between the consumer and the restaurant exceeds 4.5 kilometres, you are eligible for additional compensation. You receive an additional ₹ 10 for every 1 kilometre above 4.5 km.

Yes, all food cooked at home or at a restaurant can be sold online. Your company must have the necessary FSSAI permits and papers.

Biryani was the most popular dish, with over 55 million orders. Samosa was the most popular snack of the year, with over 5 million orders.


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