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How to Use WordPress: Easy Step-by-Step Procedure


By Divijaa

  • 5 Min Read
  • 3rd January, 2023
How to Use WordPress: Easy Step-by-Step Procedure

Understand how to design a WordPress website and explore strategies and methods for improving customer experience and escalating sales.

WordPress is a versatile CMS that allows you rapidly and effortlessly develop, tweak, and publish a website. It is intended for a wide spectrum of visitors, from inexperienced website builders to expert developers and organizations.

You may believe that this work is really complex and that only a developer or someone with technical knowledge can accomplish it. I believe we have wonderful news for you: WordPress is so simple to use that anyone can develop a professional-looking website for their business.

In this blog, we will cover:
How to start using WordPress: Beginner's Guide
-Choose Your WordPress Plan
-Create a Domain Name
-Time to Install WordPress
-Make Your Website Look Pretty: Choose A Responsive Theme
-Add Posts and Pages
-Further, customize your website
-Install Plugins
-Increase Page's Speed By Optimising your Website

How to start using WordPress: Beginner's Guide

1. Choose Your WordPress Plan

WordPress.com is frequently considered by first-time bloggers as it's a fully hosted solution, meaning, you can create an account, modify your theme to your liking, and start blogging right away. Nevertheless, its features are restricted, and a lot of the customizing choices are only available through more expensive programs.

Self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org), demands an extra web hosting provider and hence cannot be used on its own. Yet, even the most basic hosting package will provide you with complete access to the software's services.

All in all, WordPress allows you to modify your website however you wish to and gives you total control over the functionality. It is excellent value for money!

2. Create a Domain Name

Your domain name is how people will find your site online. It's also an important aspect of your brand's identification.

Your hosting provider is similar to your home in that it is where your website data is kept. Without a hosting provider, your website would not have a place to exist on a server. Bluehost, Wp Engine, and Kinsta are among the finest WordPress hosting services. Domain recommendations: Domain.com, HostGator and GoDaddy.

3. Time to Install WordPress!

Following the installation of WordPress, you'll be prompted to provide details about the domain you wish to employ, the directory where you want to install WordPress, and your admin credentials.

Your site will be launched on your hosting account within 24 hours, and your chosen CMS will give you an email confirmation.

Go to My Site > Domains in WordPress. Choose the custom domain that will be your primary domain and then click Make Primary. 

4. Make Your Website Look Pretty: Choose A Responsive Theme

WordPress usually links a pretty basic standard theme. You can leave it, but your web users might not be pleased. A premium or free custom WordPress theme helps make your site appear attractive and authoritative to your prospective customers.

Head to your Admin board, click on Appearance, then click on Themes.

When you've found the ideal theme, just install it to start customizing. Every theme has a distinct set of actions throughout the customizing procedure, so make sure you stick to them.

5. Add Posts and Pages

It's finally time to start adding data. WordPress allows you to make posts and pages. Whatever sort of material you're generating, incorporating relevant keywords, grammar and spelling checkers, and photos may assist draw and captivating your customers. 

To add a Post, go to the Admin board, click on Posts and click on Add New

Same for adding a Page- go to the Admin board, click on Page and click on Add New

6. Further, customize your website

First, customize your website Title- from Admin board, go to Settings, then click on General.

Next, customize your reading page- Under Settings, click on Reading where you may change your home page to static page.

7. Install Plugins

Plugins are bits of software that improve the overall user experience and add features to your WordPress website. WordPress has over 50,000 plugins accessible, there is something for almost every sort of webpage and consumer.

To start the installation, head to the Plugin section from Admin Dashboard. Here, you will see already downloaded ones. To add a new one, click on Add New and choose the one you wish to download, then click Install Now followed by Activate button.

8. Increase Page's Speed By Optimising your Website

The efficiency of a website is an important aspect of the user experience. If a website is taking too long to load, viewers will rapidly leave and visit alternative websites. Slow performances are likely to annoy customers.

Improve this by Browser Caching. Download and apply a caching plugin by the steps stated above to allow caching on your website.

. . .

Getting overwhelmed by so many options is normal. Try taking it slowly and derive inspiration from various website examples. You can check this site for website showcase https://wordpress.org/showcase/

You'll be all set to publish your WordPress website once you've finished all instructions.You should enjoy this significant achievement, but keep in mind that monitoring and improving a webpage is a continuous task. The consistent commitment will result in more visitation, sales, and success for your company. Best wishes! 

Read this blog to ace marketing on your website! https://blog-api.alippo.com/blog/online-business/how-to-sell-on-your-website-key-things-to-know


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